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    The main purpose of spiral duct
    (1) air supply, including ventilation, such as sending fresh air and exhaust. For the factory floor, the production site of air, due to harmful gases emitted outdoor needs, but also the need to transport to indoor outdoor air.
    (2) get cold. The most common is the central air-conditioning pipe, which pipes need to add insulation. Spiral air tube insulation materials within the paste, looks beautiful.
    (3) range hoods. Hotels, restaurants, hotel kitchens have a lot of smoke produced, need to discharge, using the circular duct is the oil chimney. Here, the spiral duct is called the fumes of the pipe.
    (4) dust. Some workshop to a lot of dust, dust removal require specialized equipment, including large air flow channel, use the spiral duct.
    (5) bulk material handling. Some of the factory production process, the need to transport loose particles, in particular, the proportion of small, such as foam plastic pellets like to use spiral duct low cost, effective

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